Greater Bedford Womenade

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An individual seeking assistance from GBW should be an established client of one of the various social service organizations serving the greater Bedford community listed below. Our validators within those organizations will then connect with GBW directly should they determine an individual’s need is best met by GBW rather than by their own support or other funding sources.

GBW validators are professionals working with social service organizations and the like that exist to support individuals whose needs match those of the organization.


Catholic Charities

Mary Ann Fraser

(603) 624-4717 x 12

Child and Family Services

Maria Gagnon, Chief Operating Officer

(603) 518-4362

Child Health Services

Tracy Gassek, Care Coordinator

Lisa DiBrigida, Medical Director

(603) 296-9247

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Primary Care

Kristen Cherry, Family Support Specialist

(603) 629-8119

Easter Seals NH

Laurie Duff, Director Senior Services

(603) 621-3422

FAST Forward Program ( NH Children's Behavioral Health Collaborative)

Amanda Donoghue, Program Coordinator

(603) 960-1686

Girls, Inc.

Melissa Achilles, Regional Director

(603) 623-1117

Manchester Christian Church

Donna Miller, Care Coordinator

(603) 622-9677

Manchester Community Health Center (partner with CHS)

Carmen R Aguirre, Case Manager: (603) 935-5279

Raghda Alnashi, Case Manager: (603) 792-5083

Manchester School District

Gossler Park Elementary School

Kate Donovan, Social Worker

Middle School at Parkside

Kathleen Wheeler, Social Worker

Northwest Elementary School

Elizabeth McGovern, Social Worker

Parker-Varney Elementary School

Ginger Drechsel, Social Worker

West High School Manchester

Amy Pellegrini, Social Worker

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester

Suzanne O'Gara, REAP Counselor (Referral Education Assistance & Prevention)


(603) 836-4599

The Moore Center

Becky Schaechtle, Case Manager – Family Directed Services

(603) 206-2801

Office of Youth Services

Hector Urrea

Mario Pena

Jon Donovan

(603) 624-6470

Partners in Health/Manchester VNA

Maria Lucia Petagna, Family Support Coordinator

(603) 663-5059

ROCA Kidz Club

Stacy St.George, Board Member

The Way Home

Rhonda Kenney

(603) 218-1424

Well Sense Health Plan, NH Medicaid

Angela Ford

(603) 263-3031

William Cashin Senior Center

Barbara Vigneault, Director of Services

(603) 624-6533


Goffstown SAU

Jill Girolimon, Family/School Liaison

(603) 497-4818 x5762

Town of Goffstown

Evelyn Redmond, Welfare Coordinator

(603) 487-8990 x 103

YWCA Crisis Services

Amy Pettengill, Amanda Oulette

(603) 625-5785


Bedford Presbyterian Church

Reverend Karen Hagy

Bedford Welfare Office

Theresa Young

(603) 472-5242

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Primary Care

Kristen Cherry, Family Support Specialist

(603) 629-8119

Memorial School, Bedford

Lisa Pleat, Guidance Counselor

Trinity Life Community

Catherine Johnston, RN