Greater Bedford Womenade

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Womenade is about supporting members of the local community who are in crisis. Your donations will go to help men, women and children in Bedford, Goffstown, West Manchester and New Boston to assist with essentials like utility bills, food, rent, medications, dental care, and clothing. A child without school supplies, a mom without a way to work, and a family hoping to keep their furnace running during a winter month are examples of where your donations can go.

Individuals needing support will contact validators in their community. Validators are third-party representatives who speak on a person's behalf and are professionals in the community, such as counselors, social workers, school nurses, or clergy. Validators explore and confirm the need and then make a request to GBW.  The Board reviews the request and once approving it, sends funds to the vendor to provide the service or items, typically within 48 hours.

So often there are no other resources available to quickly help people in crisis. Crises create short term needs that, when met, can keep an individual or family going and prevent the situation from becoming worse. Your financial support helps Greater Bedford Womenade provide a service when so often nothing else is available.

GBW Makes a Difference!

Dear Womenade,    

Because of your generosity, I have been able to help several women and their families who otherwise would have fallen through the cracks. These are good people who live right at the poverty line, living paycheck to paycheck. When they have a significant life event like an illness, or a change in employment or housing or transportation, the impact can have a devastating effect on their well-being. Very often it becomes a choice between medicine, food for their children, or a roof over their heads. Your gift of aid has helped women with things like being able to get a car fixed, a utility bill being paid, or getting housing. Thank you for all you do to provide support for women, (men) and their children in need.   

With Thanksgiving,   

Rev. Karen J. Hagy, Pastor
Bedford Presbyterian Church

Thank you for your generosity and support.