Greater Bedford Womenade

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5 Simple Steps to Hosting a Fundraising Gathering 

for Greater Bedford Womenade

Step 1: Get Started:

Choose the way you’d like to help. You may decide to hold a house party, potluck dinner, community event, or a fundraising drive.  Can you match your idea with another social event such as a football party, book club gathering, wine tasting or a birthday?  Do you want to host a gathering at your home or at another location? Do you want to host an event but need more ideas? However you may proceed, let us help you!  Contact GBW so we help you make the most of fun fundraising events you can host.

Step 2: Develop Your Plan:

  • What is your goal? Do you need other people to help you organize and implement your idea?
  • Who will you invite? Do you want it to be a private event for just your friends and family or do you want it open to the public?
  • When will you hold the event? Consider if there are there other competing events around the same time.
  • Are you asking for a flat fee for attending your gathering?  Are you asking for donations?  Are you planning to donate proceeds (%’age) of sales?  If appropriate, is there a way that you can promote your business and raise funds for GBW?  
  • Do you want the GBW Board to support you in planning your event?

Step 3: Promote Your Event:

How can you promote your activity? If your event is open to the public, GBW can post promotional information on our website, on our Facebook page, in our newsletter, and in the local papers. Remember to remind your guests to attend your event!  GBW Board members are happy to attend and help you promote your events.  

Step 4: Do It!:

You’re ready!  Invite your guests and let them know the reason for the event.  Ask GBW for promotional materials informing your guests of the difference their donation makes in our local community.  Checks can be made payable to “GBW.”  Kindly send donations to our PO Box address.

Have fun and enjoy your party!

Step 5: Report and Recognize:

Thank your helpers and participants. Share your story with your friends and with us!  Email us a short narrative and pictures at Let us share your pictures on our website and Facebook page.