Greater Bedford Womenade

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Greater Bedford Womenade is all about 


and helping those within it.

You can support your community 

in a variety of exciting and easy ways.

GBW welcomes individual contributions at any time. 

When celebrating a birthday, anniversary, special achievement, or retirement, you can honor an individual with a contribution to GBW.  Doing so helps those in your community when they most need support. Donate Here.

In addition to several events sponsored by GBW, our fundraising is driven by contributions from businesses and members of the community who make GBW the beneficiary.   

Hosting game nights, dinner clubs, book clubs, hostess parties, wine tastings or other events provide simple opportunities to help members of the community in crisis. Similarly, businesses can hold events or create give back days while donating a percentage of earnings to GBW's efforts which raise awareness for both the business and GBW.  Contact Us if you'd like us to assist you with your event or gathering!

GBW is founded on the idea that people can enjoy 

the company of friends while raising funds 

to help members of their community. 

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, 

why not create an occasion 

to raise money for a greater purpose! 

Please click on the drop down tab 

"How to Host A Gathering" 

in this Get Involved menu to get started!