Greater Bedford Womenade

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GBW and You 
Doing Good Together!
Won't you join us? 

GBW Launches WomanPower

Volunteer Program

If you’re looking for a flexible volunteer opportunity without the commitment of sitting on a charitable board, then connect with Greater Bedford Womenade! 

We are launching a GBW WomanPower Volunteer Program this Fall 2021. This arm of GBW will help our community validators by giving time and WomanPower in support of the incredible work they do. 

Won’t you consider joining us for a few hours a couple of times per year? Your contribution of time will undoubtedly make a positive impact. If you’d like to learn more about the program and want to work together for the greater good, simply click on the button below to sign up to attend a registration gathering this summer 2021.

We're Still Here Working For You!

Even during these unprecedented times GBW is still working hard to make a difference in our community. 

Through virtual board meetings and constant contact, we are committed to supporting men, women, children and families in our catchment area with nimble crisis funding during the pandemic. 

Want to lend a hand? Consider making a donation and be assured that every dollar raised goes directly to those in need

MCC and GBW 

Caring for our


Many thanks to Manchester Country Club for designating GBW as the benefactors of their 2020 Ladies Member-Guest tournament in July. 

Through their generosity and the kindness of MCC members every dollar raised will go directly to individuals and families in need in our community! 



Greater Bedford Womenade (GBW) is a local non-profit charity that strives to provide immediate, short-term financial assistance to members of the local community in crisis, recognizing other means of support may not be readily available.  Further, we strive to periodically support existing or new programs that benefit at-risk populations in our service area that aim to avert crisis.

GBW serves men, women and children in the New Hampshire communities of Bedford, Goffstown,  New Boston and West Manchester.

You and GBW: Doing Good Together! 

Looking to help GBW but not quite ready for a Board commitment?  Then occasion fundraising may be what you are looking for!  GBW gets requests for all amounts of support:  some requests are for a $30 bus pass so a person can get to and from medical appointments, while others' needs reach our $500.00 limit.  No amount of money raised is too small, and your support of GBW can help so many!

Please consider hosting a gathering of friends to benefit GBW--keep it intimate or go big! Excuses for gatherings are limitless:  a BBQ, a swimming party, a neighborhood block party, a girls' night in, a binge-watching fest, a special birthday celebration, a wine sampling, a game night, a sports playoff game, or a good old-fashioned pot lock or dinner party.  In addition to having a fabulously fun gathering, you can also make a huge difference in the lives of others.  GBW is always here to help you plan your gathering.  We'd be delighted to hear from you!

Making a


"I wish you could have seen the patient’s face when (I told her GBW could help)!  Thank you so much for all you do! It makes such a difference!!"

Allyson Foor, Patient Navigator,

New England Division, American Cancer Society

"Thank you so much for your quick response and for approving this request. The family will be extremely happy to know that their daughter’s therapy will not be interrupted. We are so grateful that your organization works so diligently to raise funds for families who have exhausted any resources they may have so as to provide the best possible futures for their children.  We are so appreciative that you are mindful of the needs of the families in our community. Your work and efforts improve our community as a whole, one family at a time."

Tracy Gassek

Child Health Services